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Lamers Bus Lines, Inc. Motor Coach

Travel Info

Travel Info

Motor Coach Rules

Loading locations are the responsibility of the group. They need to get permission to park in lots.

No students on the bus without a chaperone. This is a non-negotiable company policy. Drivers are not chaperones. It is the chaperones’ responsibility to take care of student needs. The driver will assist whenever he/she is able, but their primary concern is to drive the bus safely to and from the destinations.

Students need to be on the same bus on the way to the destination, and on the return. This is a safety issue. It is an easy way to make sure that no one gets left behind.

For trips which require two drivers to drive straight through, Videos, Video Players and Monitors must be turned off from 10 p.m. – 6 a.m. so relief drivers may sleep.

No ski boots/shoes with cleats are allowed on the bus

Food and drink on the bus is a privilege. All wrappers, bottles, cans etc. should be placed in the garbage can. If a mess is left on the bus, the driver may decide to discontinue any further food and drink privileges for the duration of the trip.

Luggage and Storage

Luggage separated: band/ski equipment should be kept separate from suitcases/gear so that it is easier to get to. The driver will be happy to help you coordinate this on the bus. For the protection of passengers’ property, Lamers Bus Lines requires that instruments and valuables over $50.00 be stored in a steel flight case. Luggage can shift during transportation. Because of this, we ask that your valuables be stored as safely as possible. Any items not stored in a steel flight case will not be responsibility of Lamers Bus Lines should damage occur. Baggage will be loaded and unloaded by the driver or under supervision of the driver. One suitcase per person and one small carry-on are recommended. Any baggage that is damaged by loading and unloading and was not handled by the driver or under his/her supervision will not be the responsibility of the carrier. All baggage must be taken off the coach each night. The carrier will not be responsible for lost or stolen articles on the coach.

Lamers Connect Intercity Bus Riders: Included in your ticket price is one carry-on bag and one checked bag. Up to two additional checked bags can be purchased for $20 each.

Driver On-Duty Time

The amount of time a driver can operate the coach each day is heavily regulated by the Department of Transportation, so it is important that your trip follows these guidelines. If you are unsure of the hours of operations, please consult your charter sales rep.

It is important to have set times for passengers to have access to their personal items on the coach. Drivers use off duty time for bus maintenance and personal needs. It is possible to schedule the driver to meet the passengers at the bus at a specific time. This should be arranged with the sales office in advance of the trip.

Drivers are customarily off duty once they drop the group at the destination. The only exception to this would be pre-arranged shuttling. Additional shuttling is possible as long as it is set up with the sales office. The bus price is determined by time and mileage. Any additional shuttling could add to the cost of the trip.