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Tour Coordinator

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Tour Coordinators, under the direction of the Tour Manager, are responsible for the detailed planning, development, organization, vendor reservations, financial preparation, and operation of one-day and multi-day tours tours.


Tour Coordinators are responsible for the planning and development of tours. After a rough plan for the tour is laid out in writing, the plan must be presented to the Manager for approval. If approved, the next step in the process is development.

1.)   Final or primary destination of the tour

2.)   Suggested length of the tour

3.)   Attractions to be included in the tour

4.)   Meals to be included in the tour

5.)   Guide services to be used during the tour

6.)   Receptive operators to be used, if any

7.)  Any other special services applicable to the tour 


After the detailed plan for a catalog tour has been developed and approved by the Tour Manager, it is time to complete the final organization of the tour and secure vendors for various included aspects of the tour.

1.)   First, secure hotel/motel accommodations at the various locations for multi-day trips.

2.)   Make reservations and secure contracts with all attractions, meals, guide services and any other services included in the tour.

3.)   Obtain a price for the motor coach from Lamers Bus Lines.

When contracts arrive from various vendors on a tour, it is important to complete the information required on the spreadsheet to facilitate follow up on deposits, final payments and any other details.


Prepare the three things required for the operation of a tour – final financial preparation, client documents and tour director material.


Upon completion of a tour prepare a complete report of the Tour for accounting. The final report must include all expenses with receipts.


Lamers Tour & Travel is a subsidiary of Lamers Bus Lines, a family-focused company that takes pride in being a part of the community. There are five tour offices throughout Wisconsin and one in Wildwood, Florida. The parent company was founded in 1944 in Green Bay, WI and offers employees longevity and stability in the workforce. Together we strive to help our passengers enjoy safe and worry-free travel every time they step on board one of our deluxe touring coaches. Lamers Tour & Travel is an EOE/AA employer.

Job Category: Office
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Milwaukee

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