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School Bus Safety Week

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Lamers Bus Lines, Inc. driving simulator training for safety week

Recently, our driver trainer, Frank, traveled to our Milwaukee terminal to work with our drivers on uncommon driving situations. Frank travels throughout Wisconsin and Upper Michigan in our unique Simulator Coach — a mobile classroom with a driving simulator.

This week is school bus safety week, and our driving simulator helps drivers practice their driving techniques in a safe way.

Check out the story and video here:

Second, we would like to remind everyone of the school bus 8-light law. We’ve seen so many drivers ignore this already this school year.

When a school bus displays flashing amber lights: It is OK to pass with extreme caution when the bus has amber lights flashing.

When a school bus displays red flashing lights: You must stop at least 20 feet away from the bus. (Even if the STOP arm is not extended).

Buses that were built before 2005 and are only equipped with the four red lights will only display the red flashing lights, and motorists must stop at least 20 feet away from the bus.

If a motorist passes a stopped school bus while the red lights are flashing and no police officer is around to catch them, it doesn’t mean they’re in the clear. Our school bus drivers can and will write down license plate numbers and report them to the police after they finish the routes, or radio them into dispatch. The penalty for passing a school bus illegally is $326 and four points off of the driver’s license.