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Stop for Red Flashing Lights

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Lamers Bus Lines, Inc. school bus stop sign arm

This morning our school bus route driver, Dave, shared this story about what happened as he was picking up students to bring them to school. It is a sobering reminder why we need to be constantly aware as bus drivers, and as motorists as well.

“This morning I was stopped, with the red warning lights flashing (this is when you legally need to stop), and a car came flying through between me and the right-side curb where my student was standing, about to board the bus. The car missed her by about a foot. Unfortunately, due to the speed of the car, and the lovely weather this morning, I was not able to get a plate.

“Just stop. I don’t care how big of a hurry you’re in. When a bus is stopped with its red lights flashing, STOP. It’s not worth hitting a child.

“This student and I got lucky this morning… she’s very good about watching for cars due to the high volume of them that pass me at this particular stop on a regular basis.”

It is so important that every motorist knows and respects the rules of the road around school buses.

If the bus shows yellow/amber lights, it is slowing down to make a stop. If the bus shows red flashing lights, it is stopped to let students on or off the bus. Do not pass a bus on either side with red flashing lights.


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