Christmas at The Holy Land Experience
Date: Dec. 19, 2019

Departure Regions: Florida

Departure Cities: Inverness, FL, Ocala, FL, Wildwood, FL

Package Price: $69 per person

This Christmas excursion to Orlando features a wide range of live stage productions from dramatic plays to Broadway-style musicals.

The Holy Land Experience is a center of enlightenment and Biblical education. It’s a recreation of historically significant Biblical points of interest in Jerusalem and Israel from an accurate depiction of Herod’s Temple to the beautiful Upper Room, the entirety of the experience is to bring visitors into a place of understanding knowledge of Christianity’s historical roots.

The Experience displays and exhibits one of the world’s largest private collections of authentic, ancient artifacts, manuscripts, Bibles and other archeological archives. With its well educated and knowledgeable pastoral staff HLE explains, illustrates, demonstrates and interprets the Biblical manuscripts, codices, stone tablets in both their historical context and in terms of their significance in today’s modern world in a thought provoking manner. In everything you will see, hope, grace, forgiveness and joy.

Package Includes: Admission, motor coach transportation and a bottle of water.