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What’s your drive? Andrea

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Lamers Bus Lines, Inc. school bus driver Andrea

For Fox Cities school bus driver, Andrea, one of the most important factors was her desire to work with kids, while still being able to raise her own.

“When asked what the best thing about driving a school bus is, I really struggled with my answer. I thought to myself, how can I possibly narrow it down to just one?! How do I choose between the great pay, flexible schedule, being home when my kids are, being able to bring my little ones with me, and working 30 hours a week, all while being able to raise my own kids at the same time?

Last, but not least, I can’t forget the children (our customers), their families and the relationships I have with all of them. Over my past six years of driving a school bus, all of these things have become the best part about my job.

I started driving a school bus because I always knew I wanted to work with children, I just wasn’t sure exactly which area that would be. In 2010, I needed to find a job that would keep me available during the day for my son, but would still be the [pay] equivalent to a mediocre full-time job.

Working at Lamers Bus Lines has been that and so much more. I have the joy of making sure your children, my precious cargo, get to and from school safely every day. I wouldn’t trade that for anything.”

You can discover all of the great reasons to drive a school bus like Andrea did! We’re looking for drivers in the Fox Cities, as well as our other 32 locations in Wisconsin. Apply online today:


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