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What’s your drive? Latanja

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Lamers Bus Lines, Inc. school bus driver Latanja

Located at our Muskego terminal, Latanja has been with Lamers Bus Lines for 18 years. She’s stayed because she was able to grow and develop at work as her family was growing and changing at home.

“I started driving for Lamers in 1998, when my kids were very small. Driving for Lamers has provided me the opportunity to parent my own kids full-time because of the flexibility the company provides. I am not an empty-nester, as I watched my last kid go off to college — however, I am now a full-time employee for Lamers, because of their dedication to their employees and the communities they serve,” Latanja says.

“The best thing about driving for Lamers is the reliable, great and safe buses we have to transport the kids on. Lamers does not only take pride in the communities they serve, but they also take pride in the transportation they provide for their students to ride.”

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