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Seven Tips to Plan Your Wedding Transportation

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Lamers Bus Lines, Inc. 7 tips for planning your wedding

1. Plan ahead

We recommend booking your wedding transportation six to eight months before your wedding if there is a specific vehicle you’re absolutely decided on (like one of our trolleys) Consider booking even further out if your wedding is on a big holiday weekend or a Saturday during summer.

That doesn’t mean you’re out of luck if your wedding is only a couple months away, you just might have to be more open to all types of vehicles, from limos to school buses. We have hundreds of vehicle at our disposal, and we’ll be able to provide a transportation solution for you.

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2. Consider Comfort:

Just because your vehicle seats 24, it doesn’t mean that you need to fill every seat. In fact, you might be more comfortable if everyone can stretch out a bit. If you have 24 passengers, consider a 29 passenger vehicle. This will help accommodate the bride and bridesmaids dresses as well.

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3. Know the alcohol and beverage policy

Does your transportation company have an alcohol license to be able to provide you champagne and drinks on board?

If not, what are the policies for bringing alcohol and other beverages on your vehicle?

At Lamers, kegs and glass containers are not allowed, with the exception of champagne bottles. But the champagne bottles must be opened outside of the vehicle.

4. Look for more than a limo

Limousines are traditional and timeless and perfect for about 8 people. Growing in popularity are mini coaches, limo coaches and party buses, which can transport more people, ranging from about 14 to 24.

Even more outside-the-box ideas are available:

Make a statement and arrive in a big yellow school bus. There are a bunch of great photo ideas and it will be the friendliest on your budget.

Travel back in time with a trolley. These specialty buses will give your wedding day unique flare!

The Lamers’ Executive Coach is luxury on wheels. This vehicle provides extra comfort along with a myriad of state-of-the-art amenities including satellite TV, kitchen and Wi-Fi. Plus, the seats are super comfy.

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5. Can you trust your transportation?

What happens if something goes wrong? What’s the backup plan? What kind of insurance does your transportation company have?

You want to choose a company with a reputation of providing safe, reliable transportation. And we’ve definitely had those phone calls: a panicked bride calling a couple weeks before her wedding because the company she originally booked with can no longer find her reservation. Trust in your transportation company is just as important as the price they give you.

See the safety and dependability standards that we hold ourselves to every day, on every trip.

6. Set specific shuttles

Shuttling is a great way to ensure your guests can have a great time and have safe ride afterward. We always recommend that brides and grooms set specific shuttle pick-up times so all guests know the exact time to go meet the bus. It is important to have more than one pickup time as well. Not everyone is going to want to stay until the very end of the reception. Having multiple pick-up times allows guests to leave when they want, or even make a quick trip back to the hotel if they forgot something.

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7. Know your priorities

What’s most important to you in choosing your wedding transportation? Is it the impact you’ll make as your wedding party drives around town? Is it the party atmosphere inside the vehicle? Is it the capacity or the price? Knowing the amenities of the vehicle before you sign the contract leaves no surprises.

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